Zari and Diamond
Zari and Diamond
Image: Courtesy

Diamond's mother, Sanuru Kasimu, has been hinting that Zari and the kids might be flying to Tanzania soon.

Mama Dangote as she's popularly known, recently posted photos of Tiffah Dangote next to the play kitchen she was gifted by her papa.

In her caption, mama Dangote assures Tiffah that soon she won't need the set since her granny will be spoiling her with her specials.

One keen follower who was as confused as I was asked whether she was the one going to Tiffah or Tiffah was the one going to Tanzania. The answer she got? "You will know."

However, an excited mama Dangote could not hide her joy as she shared videos of Tiffah and her brother Nillan Dangote getting tested for Covid-19.

Going by her caption, it is clear that Zari and her two kids are finally going to link up with their daddy after a long time apart.

In the video, a teary Tiffah lets her fears take over her as she cannot handle the nasal swab.

Nillan on the other side is seen braving the entire process.

Ever since Zari and Diamond mended their relationship, Diamond revealed that he had been working on the day he will be receiving them in Tanzania.

It has been a long time coming and it is happening guys!

Whether Zari and the kids are due to travel to Bongo land in the next few days or not, be sure that we will keep you informed on any developments.