Chito and Jalas
Chito and Jalas

On Thursday morning, Chito Ndlovu had a tough time trying to convince Jalang'o and millions of Kiss FM listeners that the 90-day rule still works.

In 2020, no lady is going to wait for 90 days before giving up their cookie. Even Kenyan women have admitted that they would rather 'kagua hizo vitu' before the two of you kick start anything serious. 

"For 90 days don’t give up the cookie, go on a date learn get to know a man, know his plans and vision, know him well!" That was Chito's argument.

Women should be wary of when they give the cookie. You should know how serious the man is, I believe in the 90-day rule and after that you will know how serious the man is." added Chito.

He says that even a newly elected president is given 100 days to show case what he can do. According to Chito, this rule should be applied by women who are looking for long term commitments.

Jalang'o was not buying none of that;

"I tell you there are men who are willing to pretend for 90-days and still bounce. What I can say is 90-days cannot determine if you end up being married. There are people who met on one day, had the cookie and got married." Jalang'o argued his case.

There are people who waited for 90 days had the cookie found out the guy is a joker and they still broke up."

One caller wondered which part of Jerusalem Chito was representing because the rule does not apply at all.

One lady did not spare Chito;

"There is no 90-days rule. if your relationship will end in premium tears it will still end. Why would you wait for 90 days to be disappointed?"

Another lady called in to say that she made a man wait and after dating for 5-years her man ended up marrying someone else.