Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan's reunion is the talk of the town.

She is back in Tanzania and the welcome was filled with love from everyone. The question now on everyone's mind is if Tanasha is okay.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Chito and Jalas had differing opinions on all this but one thing was constant, the kids are all that matter.

"I do not like such drama. If you had a kid with someone, just do not intoxicate your children because of your beef with your ex-partner." Jalas said

Chito answered saying he s concerned for Tanasha.

"But now this one makes the other baby mamas will feel woiye. Kina Tanasha and Hamisa. "

Laughing at the situation, Jalas added saying,

"He has been meeting up with Hamisa but with Tanasha and her ego and her Kenyan-ess, I doubt she will ever go back to him."

Chito disagreed with that narrative.

'What do you mean? You remember Zari said the same and we all thought she is classy and has an ego so she can not go back to Diamond? See her now. They might not be together -together, but she has accepted to fly to Tanzania courtesy of Baba T. This just comes to tell you, as a man make it clear to your current that your ex can always come back.

In two years, Diamond had Tanasha a rumored Rwandese and she is back in Tz and she was so happy to see him and vice versa but the children were happier."

I feel like we all agree with this statement that there is always that one ex who has access to you always.

"There is always that ex mwenye haendangi. Especially if you have a kid with her, she will never go and you can see in the messages. It started pole pole tu from gifts to video calls to her jamming to his songs and now see. That is when we realized that is this one ex who will never leave." Jalang'o said

Chito was not going to push this narrative. He denied it saying,

"You can not be talking to an ex in 2020, one thing corona has taught us is an ex is like COVID-19, just when you think she or he is gone, she comes back hard. So social distance wear masks against them to cut them off."