What is your worst breakup experience? That is a question that was passed to breakfast hosts; Chito and Jalas by a fan.

I mean we all have that ex who gave us hell on the day of breakup and the experience which will forever stick with us.

Chito's story is one for the decades as he shared about how his ex made sure the neighbors know 'wameachana.'

"There’s a chic that came and caused drama at my apartment. The relationship was not working.

She came at the door banging and shouting 'chito came out! Neighbors came out and she was like 'so you think you can leave me?'. So watchi came and asked her to calm down, she calmed down went to her moti and she almost crashed it." Chito narrated.

Jalango's breakup was not as dramatic as Chito's but he says his was painful.

"There's this chic who called me for lunch so when the bill came my way she grabbed it and offered to pay and I was like 'why not?'

Where I come from women don't pay the bill and I was like this time why not? So she paid we asked for a drink and she sent me a text and was like 'babe check what I have sent you.'

She had written “Babe thanks for everything.” Wueh the shock! As much as it was done in a diplomatic way afadhali wako wa nduru." Jalang'o shared.

It looks like dramatic or not, a breakup is bound to hurt you either way.

What is your break up story?