Zari Hassan flew to Tanzania together with Tiffah and Nilan to visit her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz. The reception she got left her mesmerized all through.

Of course with her entry into Tanzania, many are saying she is back together with Platnumz . But as I have always told you, two people who have shared a bed, let them be. They know themselves better.

The mother of five spoke about her relationship with the singer and the reason for her visit.


"There is a lot happening on social media but for me, I just brought the kids because the father wanted to see them. He couldn't travel to South Africa because he is held up back here at home. He really missed the kids and it has been two years. It is understandable" Zari said

So does this mean Diamond and Zari are back together?

"Others are even saying ooh we are back together. No, I am here for the kids and we are looking forward to having a good time with the kids that's all. There is one thing about Africans, we don't understand what co-parenting is. I can still come here even if he has someone else. Because this is my kid's home regardless of what happened between us. " Zari clarified

Asked about where she’ll be staying during her stay in Tanzania, she said,

"Whether I am gonna stay in the hotel or at his house, we are still co-parenting. Even if I stay at his house, it is not a must that you know."

Watch how the fam was welcomed home: