Sosun and Kenrazy have been together for ten years but sadly, things had to end.

Sosun took to social media a very long post explaining how hard it has been for her to stick in a relationship where the in-laws especially sister-in-law have not liked her ever since.

"I don't know who needs to hear this but if the trauma is too much to bare let them have their son/brother and walk out. Nobody understands the pain a woman carries as years go by from in-laws who never find you enough. They always find a loophole in their family just because you are part of it. I have experienced that and I have to act accordingly for the protection of my daughters and for my own mental fitness. I have learned that never underestimate someone who has hated you from the very first day they laid their eyes on you because you have no idea how far they are willing to go just to make sure everyone else in their entire family hates you. You will never be enough to a malicious sister-in-law, especially if you are living happily with their brother. They will always have a problem with you be it through spreading false/bad rumors and giving you cold treatments. This gets worse if what they say isn't for a day reflected in you and you constantly ignore every bad vibe they send your way because you decide to choose peace and not unnecessarily fights and arguments." Sosun shared

Adding that she was just never accepted in that family based on her background.

"I know some women and relatives say 'Don't worry about them continue living happily with your husband and kids'. How I wish it were that easy trust me I have been there. I have tried my best for the last l0 years of my relationship and this is one battle I have lost. The fact that you get in a family gathering and everyone's mood changes, you are left in a state of should I say Hi or not? Should I smile or stay cold like they are? So you end up being the one trying to cheer everyone up partly because it's your nature but also because you are just uncomfortable. The most boring and exhausting relationship a woman will ever have to mend is a relationship of in-lows who just don't appreciate your presence in their family. Women being judged because of their background is something that is still so deep in cur African society till date and I have been through it. I was raised by a single mom who saw my sisters and I through school by just selling second-hand clothes in Gikomba...Margret worked so hard and her resilience of not wanting her daughters to experience hardship was clear coz she never missed a day at her biashara."

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