Milly Chebby has for the first time talked about the struggles she went through when she was expecting Baby Mila.

We all knew their baby had a few complications when she was born but she conquered it all and she is now a very healthy baby,

Taking to social media, Milly shared saying,


"So my pregnancy journey was one for the books, First of all, I spotted at three months while at work outside Nairobi and I panicked. The situation was handled well though and I thank God for that. Sema kutapika for the 39 weeks I was pregnant, Constipation was another problem, especially during the second trimester, weh! Nilikua naitana. The third-trimester nayo ilikua na joint pains zingine mbaya. I also experienced heartburn for the most part of my pregnancy. There's so much that happens when a woman is pregnant, that journey is not easy and that's why it's important to #Tujulishane."

Ruth Matete also shared her pregnancy complication story. She suffered from Preeclampsia. It is a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in a woman whose blood pressure had been normal. It can lead to serious, even fatal, complications for both mother and baby. Read her story below: