Clearly, the family is vouching for a major Diamond and Zari reunion.

Esma Khan, Diamond Platnumz's sister has threatened to chase any woman who comes to Diamond Platnumz' house to bring him chips (French fries).

The sister to the celebrity said that when Zari, arrived at Diamond's house, she sent the housegirl to the market to get vegetables which she prepared for her children and her baby daddy. #Wifematerial.

While saying this, Esma disclosed that most of Diamond's girlfriends have been buying him fast food like chips as they don't want to get into the kitchen to cook. But see Zari ooh, all the way from South Africa, jet-lagged still managed to cook for her man. Okay, I may be stretching it,. Cook for her baby daddy.

Remember she is just there as a co-parent.

"I want to be honest, the reason I love Zari is because she went and looked at the fridge and didn't find any decent food, so she sent the girls to the market to buy the ingredients so that she can make good food for herself and the kids." Esma said

She went on to say

"But Diamond Platnumz's girlfriends bring him chips and when I come and see them, I will send them away"

What more affirmation do you want fam? Let it be.