I know we are many in one boat who admire Kate Actress and Philip Karanja's relationship.

But before all the cuteness, she wasn't even up for that relationship. According to her, he was a boring guy.

"At first, I never liked Phil I felt he was too uptight. He kept telling me that I needed to think about my life. He really used to bore me. I felt like I would rather have Abel as he was not as uptight as Phil. When I rebranded myself I would go to him to ask for advice. That is when we started becoming more than friends. But no one believed us when we started dating. When I introduced my son to Phil he was very straining but that's in the past. It's when we were almost getting married is when he called Phill Dad. He has earned it." She told Mc Jessy

We have seen these two from the days they were working together to their relationship to their marriage and now they have a daughter together.

Never say never fam, he or she might just be the one kept for you.