She may make you laugh and help cure your depression but before then, Kate Actress did not have it easy.

Speaking to Mc Jessy on Jessy Junction, she opened up for the first time on how she unknowingly suffered from depression after the birth of her first-born son 

"I used to cry every day for one year. I thought my life was over.  I did not know that I was suffering from postpartum depression. That is why nikiomoka I want to put up a place and create a safe haven for young girls going through what I did." Kate shared

Catherine Kamau went ahead to explain how tough it was for her to date as a single mother. The men weren't so kind to her and her feelings.

"I was shown fire! I don't know why some men feel like they are doing you a favor by dating you when you have a child. But what I learned is how you put yourself out there is how they will treat you. Some were good but others showed me fire".

So many women share the same narrative. They have had it rough to find a man as single mothers. Also from societal pressures remember all the bile people gave Maureen Waititu? Saying she is single so it will be hard for her to get a man.

Kate is happily married with a second child and she's out here serving couple goals. Be encouraged.