Lady Mandy and husband Sauti Sol's Polycarp Otieno announced the birth of their first son, Baby O on the 15th of October.

But don't get me wrong, he was born roughly a month before their announcement.

It has been a silent journey since then but we get small glimpses of their journey as parents.

A few weeks ago, Lady Mandy revealed just how much she enjoyed the pregnancy journey.

Yesterday, Polycarp who is super excited to be a father announced that he will be on a break as he performs his solid father duties.

"Currently away for Father Studies with Baby O. But for real though paternity leave should be for like 6 months. How we are ok with the law granting only 2 weeks really beats me. A strong and healthy bond with your baby is cultivated at this time. Loving this time with my son. Absolutely heavenly." He posted

We cannot ignore that he looks very nice holding his son. He is the father he always wanted to be and it is very evident.

We wish Mr. Fancy Fingers and Lady Mandy all the best. Also, we are waiting to see the face of this gorgeous son. Whose eyes does he have?