Risper Faith admitted a few weeks ago that she underwent liposuction to lose weight. What she called excessive fat.

Risper, who acted in the TV hit series Nairobi Diaries, revealed that she was afraid to make love to her husband or even go outside over her weight gain.

"Hi, guys...Thanks to @bodybydesignkenya was able to do a liposuction surgery successfully! Follow my story on YouTube" Risper announced

Liposuction was the option she chose. According to google, Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body.


After a few weeks of these sessions, she is now four sizes down and she has decided to give away her clothes. I mean what else will she do with them?

"Nothing fits anymore a have moved from size 18 to size 14. I will be giving out my whole closet this coming week. Who is interested? thiiinniccccckkkk  mamas mko wapi ?"

She has a large following so I do not know how she will choose the ones to give. 

From the comments below, you can see a lot of people congratulating her for being open about her weight loss journey unlike many female celebrities who chose to lie. The pressure they create on social media for women to look slim and snatched yet many have undergone certain procedures.

Check out pictures of Rispers new body: