If you are still sitting there wondering if COVID-19 or coronavirus is real or not, I want you to read the caption below.

Sharon K Mwangi, a popular content creator is one of the many celebrities who have come out to reveal their status and how she's doing physically, including her symptoms.

" A little while back I tested positive for COVID-19. I’m not going to lie and say that I was surprised when I got my results back, because I wasn’t.


When this virus hits you, it hits you HARD! I knew that I wasn’t ok immediately the first symptoms showed. This was then followed by days of agony, physical pain, fevers, dizziness, headaches and not leaving my bed all day long because my body was just too weak to do anything." Sharon said

Adding that she got immense support from friends and family.

"During that time I learned the importance of friendship. My friends and loved ones would text or call every day to check in (they still do), others dropped food and medicine off at my door and sent me money for take out because they knew I lived alone and had no one taking care of me. My mother (bless her soul) literally held me down even though she was far from me. ❤️❤️"

Sharon is not sharing this for sympathy, she says she is using her platform to create awareness.

"Please keep wearing your masks, social distancing and sanitizing guys. Take this with all the seriousness it needs. I’m not at 100% yet but I’m definitely not where I was. I was super nervous about sharing my story but it’s important for me to use my platform to create awareness. This is not my story, it’s not my label, it’s just something that happened to me like it could happen to anyone else.

This is a post of victory. Because of God’s goodness, graciousness and mercy in my life I’m still here. He has never let me down & He never will! 🙏🏾

Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in him - Psalms 34:8 ✨"

Like we here at Kiss100 have told you time and time again, follow the government directives and measure to avoid being a statistic. COVID-19 is real.