The news that Risper Faith  had cosmetic surgery - liposuction has become a concern. Kamene Goro on the morning kiss conversation wondered why women give in to such societal pressure?

Speaking from experience, she revealed that she dated a guy who wanted her to look a certain way. The guy gave her so much pressure to the point she had to seek medical assistance to lose weight.

"I remember dating a guy who was very concerned about my weight and my body shape. He introduced me to a nutritionist who gave me pills. I was to take it three times a day for about 6 months. So it does not process fat. As soon as the body realizes it has fat, it must come out at any time.


My fear became that if I sit down I will mess." Kamene shared

Kamene added that now liposuction is becoming national news.

"Ladies, how far are you willing to go just to get a flat tummy? Where has all this pressure come from? You use half a million to get a snatched waist? Slim teas are being sold and even now liposuctions are being advertised on page 12 of the national newspaper."

Most of those who called to weigh in on the topic were women. Women who were angered by the pressure men give them to look a certain way.

"Men make us want to look  a certain way which gives them pressure to look snatched. It is the men I tell you." One caller said

"I am a mother of three and the society is busy telling me how to look and dress. So they force people like me to want to look smaller so that we can wear those clothes we like. Bit as for me Kamene, I do not care." Another caller said

When Risper Faith came out to say she was going in for a liposuction, she said it was because she was scared of making love to her husband and that she is not feeling beautiful anymore.