Almost three months ago, Chebet Ronoh came out to speak about her battling depression and suicidal thoughts to her fans, saying she has not been okay.

She apologized for showing her fans a life that was not real because she has not had an interesting journey in the entertainment industry. Read the story below:

Today, she is feeling much better after learning a few things and working on her life to be a better person. And because her fans made her who she is, she made a point to send a letter to them telling them she will be back to creating content.

"Dear all my fans...

I would love to let you know that I was going through some things this year some lessons some consequences of bad choices I gave up on the one thing I was good at and swirled into toxic habits I hated myself I hated the world I was mad at the world for things I did to myself even lollziies BUT! The immense support sometimes used to make me cry in bathrooms at clubs even just the love you guys gave me that I literally couldn't give myself (like y'all would say my videos word for worrdddd no stutter nothing!!! Y'all blessed me with so much materialistic and intangible ) AND ALL I CAN SAY IS BECAUSE OF YOU! IM BACK TO MAKING VIDEOS letzgo" Ronoh wrote

Being in that space (of depression) cost her a lot, including her real friends and suicidal thoughts took over. But she had a message of love to those who were there for her through it all.

"May God bless my friends who reached out, my former school mates,my family and fellow creators you pushed me❤️ when I couldn’t"

We here at kiss100 love the content Ronoh creates because she always puts a smile on our faces so this is great news. And we wish her all the best.