Social media has been full of rape stories for the last few days, leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

There have been rape allegations which were followed by all sorts of weird reasons that some people used to blame the victims. Utterly despicable.

Some blamed alcohol for other people's actions that left women bruised for life and that did not augur well with rapper Femi One.

The rap princess, took his time to condemn that group of people as she called on the society to do more to end the rape culture in the country. 

She reminded Kenyans that many girls get raped even in churches and that calls for us all to protect our women and girls.

"The last few days there have been All these stories circulating this few days break my heart 💔. No girl or woman deserves to go through sexual violence, despite how she chooses to express herself in appearance, or how she chooses to enjoy her time, especially as an adult.Alcohol is not an excuse," wrote Femi.

She went on to add,

Young girls get raped, even without the presence of alcohol.Women get raped in churches, schools and homes.We need to do better as a society, to protect our women and girls.We need men to do better. #endrapeculture."