passaris kamala
passaris kamala

On Monday,Nairobi woman rep Esther Passaris has congratulated her 'lookalike' vice president-elect Kamala Harris after their win in the US elections.

Taking it to Twitter, Passaris revealed that her coach had said she looked like Kamala.

"A few years ago my persuasion coach said I reminded her of a US Senator called @KamalaHarris. I had no idea who she was," she wrote.


"...but I was told she had Presidential ambitions and that we were both born on October 20, 1964. So I started paying attention to Kamala's career."

That was enough to make her a trending topic on Twitter with KOT making fun of her, with many struggling to see the resemblance.

In fact the only similarities the two share is them being of mixed race and sharing the same birthday.

Harris is born to an Indian-born mother and Jamaican-born father, while Passaris was born to a Greek father and a Kenyan Kikuyu mother. 

Check out some of the funny reactions resulting from her tweet;

Jms Kenya: She is just being a typical Kenyan, when someone makes a great milestone in his/her life, we usually don't forget to tell our friends how we use to sit the same desk in class, we even used to assists in mathematics etc. Anyway good luck with that!

Twitterrati:Passaris should resist the urge of making things about herself.

Sakaja:Oh wow. Even your names... Esther Pass-Harris...

Otero: Passaris comparing herself with Kamala is like Pepe saying is eyeing for the golden boot. Disrespectful.

Moha Onyango: Passaris who brought a cheap basin after a helpless woman gave birth at the gate of Pumwani maternity is comparing herself with Kamala Harris, a former Attorney General & Senator of California. Do you know that the GDP of California is bigger that all the 54 countries in Africa?


Naomi: Esther Passaris comparing herself to Kamala Harris is the worst thing to happen to logic since religion

Michi: You would have expected Esther Passaris to have a lot in common with Kamala Harris since both women are politicians. But trust a Kenyan to reduce it to: We might have been conceived around the same time!