Jalang'o is finally back in studio after missing out on Monday.

According to the Morning Kiss presenter, he missed two flight; One on Sunday evening and another on Monday morning due to sherehe.


Even after finally making it back to Nairobi on Monday evening, Jalang'o was still complaining about transportation, but this time it had to be over Matatu menace.

Kamene was the first to point it out;;

"Kwanza this entire waiyaki way stretch up until Chiromo mpaka pale juu, the things the matatus do this early in the morning it’s despicable sio kila mahali ni stage manze!"

Jalas believes that Kangemi drivers are to blame for the stress.

Manze kwanza hiyo stretch waiyaki way hapo tu kangemi, mountain view ukiteremka, the traffic goes all the way back juu mathree zimeamua kila mahali ni stage.

Can you imagine? Manze get out of the road and let people move, show some little respect." Jalas said.

He added,

Halafu you know there is an ongoing construction so there is mud everywhere. So everybody is waiting for one person to move lakini wewe umeweka gari kwa barabara. Manze tokeni tu."