Zari and Diamond
Zari and Diamond
Image: Courtesy

Zari finally did that thing many had been praying for including Diamond Platnumz and his family back in Tanzania.

She flew all the way to Tanzania with her children - Tiffah and Nilan - for them to see their father two years later.

They have been bonding so well including with  Diamond's whole family. The trip there she says is to basically allow successful co -parenting after parting ways back in 2018.


"Learn from these Pictures...We are SIMBA they are YANGA but together we are all One Beautiful Family....Mpira ni Burudani, Mpira ni Faraja ❤💚....ila Mshukuruni Refa! 😅 @uncle_shamte @mama_dangote" Diamond made it clear

That caption is evidence that Mr. Platnumz is super excited to see his children. But one thing we have to all admit is that they look so cute together as a family.  Probably why everyone in the internet streets wants them to get back together.

Here are cute pictures of the Platnumz family: