zari and diamond
zari and diamond

Zari Hassan is a straight shooter and a go getter when it comes to matters entrepreneurship.

She is also a low-key savage when you dare step on her toes, especially if you think you can attack her family or her peace and serenity for a few laughs.

Zari has been in Tanzania with her family after they jetted down in Bongo for the first time in two years, to meet up with baby daddy Diamond and the family.

They have been having a great time, having tours and tours with the Tanzanian superstar, probably compensating for the time lost.

Zari recently posted a video of herself flaunting her curvaceous body.

From where I am sitting, she never meant no harm but there are always people who want to bring their negative energy into her seemingly peaceful life.

Reacting to her post, one follower commented;

"He will still dump you." in reference to assumption that Zari and Diamond have gotten back together.

But he/she was not ready for Zari's savage clap clap back.

Check out the screenshot below and maybe it will help serve as a manual to anyone who was thinking of trying to rain on queen Zee's parade.


From her response, it is clear that Zari and Diamond have just found a great and harmonious way to make this co-parenting thing work with no unnecessary drama.

This means there is nothing going on between the ex lovers.