Wema Sepetu has some very interesting information.

Speaking with a Tanzanian blog, she said seeing Zari get a second child was not easy on her.  Wema was dating Diamond Platnumz before Zari Hassan came into the picture.

Wema has on numerous occasions said that she tried unsuccessfully getting a child for Diamond. Back then, we thought they would get married. They were Tanzania's power couple and Mama Dangote's favorite girlfriend.

Well, a few months after she parted ways with Diamond, Zari came in and in two months time she was already pregnant with Princess Tiffah.
Doesn't this story sound familiar just like Frankie, Maureen and Corazon's drama.




Wema Sepetu revealed that she was hurt by the news, since she hadn’t given the singer what he wanted, a child.

"When Zari was pregnant, it affected me. Her second month of dating diamond, she was already pregnant. I was hurt for a long time, like almost a year. I was certain that I am the one with the problem. I felt like she was living my life. I was hurt till Tiffah was born and grew. It is life and it is what it is."

According to Wema, she thinks her weight gain was what led to her problem getting a children.

I'd like one day that I also become a mother. I always ask myself, what do I lack?

Her story of not conceiving is somewhat like Kambua who for the longest time had been praying and crying for years and now. she will soon be a mother of two. Dear Wema, don't give up, you might just be surprised.