Since Zari got to Tanzania, there has been a lot of stories popping up from Wema Sepetu.

During a Q&A with her fans, she was asked if she would go say hi to Zari, who’s currently in Tanzania with her kids, she said,

" I do not see anything wrong when it comes to greetings."

Another fan asked Wema if she would go to Diamond’s place in case she was invited to welcome Zari and her kids home, she responded saying,

 "kama sina majukumu kikazi why not? after all i hear wanaparty pambe sana." (If I do not have duties at works, then why not? After all, I hear they have been partying too much.")

Does she still loves Diamond, she said,

 "As a person and not a lover!" Hamisa answered

Guys need to give her a break when it comes to Mr. Platnumz. She is now dating and happy so let her and her man enjoy their love. And let Diamond and Zari enjoy their reunion.

Yes, Wema is dating. She answered another question revealing the character of her man saying,

"A very wonderful human being blessed with a beautiful soul. A character so amazing. I could go on and on.’"She described her newfound love