Kamene and Jalas are shouting on today's Morning  Kiss. Is love really a stress point in our lives?

Jalas, who is married said that one can be so peaceful then boom, love comes their way.

"You can be calm and have a peaceful life them someone just comes to love you and that is where your stress in life begins. I don't want to lie to you, there are so many people who will call and say they had a good life until when I met love. All my problems and stress began when I found love."

Kamene then revealed that she is not even in the books of getting married. Yani a guy that will come and disorient her life? No please!

"We were talking about a wedding happening someday and I said nijikute getting married. 

Jalas was surprised I do not want marriage. I told him, listen, my life is very okay right now very peaceful. I have a nice house, a good job, my kacar, my family is happy and I eat when I want to and sleep when I want to. Then someone wants to come into my life and disrupt all these? Do you know the stress of love?"

Well, truth be told, love should be a beautiful space but finding the wrong person, makes it stressful.

"Love is a beautiful thing, It was not meant to be stressful, it was meant to be positive. When you meet someone you love you're supposed to move from point A to B not back to Z and that is what love is these days." Jalas concluded