According to The-star.co.ke, a report by the public prosecutor shows, taxpayers have lost Sh224.5 billion since the Jubilee administration took office for a second term in 2017 to mid this year.

The report goes on to show that the DPP office has successfully prosecuted cases worth Sh3.9 billion — paltry 1.7 per cent of the money lost by June.

In a nutshell, the money was lost through corrupt deals involving various projects and procurement activities.

This got Kamene and Jalang'o really angry on a Wednesday morning, wondering when we will have a different story in the country.

When asked to call in and send in their views, one Kiss FM fan said he 'wished we had a president who would not have four agendas but just one; to end corruption.'

One male caller gave a bold and valid point;

"Kamene it is so unfortunate to be Kenyan nowadays." He said.

He went on to add;

When did the rain start beating us? We always elect people who have corruption cases. We only need two or three people to serve as an example for the rest, just lock up two or three and all will be well."