Jalang'o says his ex-girlfriend texted him this morning and asked him to never speak on national radio on matters  love.

He says the woman, accuses him of breaking her heart back in campus when Jalang'o proclaimed love to her young heart.

This happened when Kamene opened up on how her ex back in campo left her heartbroken, dark and emaciated.

"I remember I got my first boyfriend when I was 18 and I was in campo and met someone who said he loved me and bro, vile nilikonda nikakuwa mweusi," Kamene said.

My mother would look at me and ask whats up?. 

"Mapenzi ni mateso." Said a caller.

I used to date this guy and he was like 'oh don't apply make up sijui utachukuliwa mara don’t wear short clothes.

I tell you I had a kid from the relationship and I ditched him and now I am healthy. Kamene being single is the best thing that has ever happened to me, naenda kwenye nataka and no one will ask me a question.

Mabuka a male caller narrated how his friend was always in trouble with the campus authorities due to issues with his girlfriend, but they would never break up.

"I had a chic nikamsaidia juu alinisaidia when I was down. So I helped her when it was my turn to do so but siku moja nilimpigia simu akanishow nisiwahi mpigia simu eti ameolewa. Bro I didn't eat for three days!" Another male caller narrated.

Guys you have that one ex who came into your life and left you in tatters? What is your story?