chito ndlovu
chito ndlovu

Have you ever heard of chemical castration?

A quick search revealed that when used on male, the drug helps in reducing sex drive and the capacity for sexual arousal.

On Monday, Alabama became just the seventh state to approve this form of castration  for sex offenders.

Sex offenders are required to be chemically castrated as a condition of parole.

Chito who is sitting in for Kamene and Jalas, thinks that this should probably be introduced in Kenya to help curb rising sex offense cases.

"First of for me is crossed legs ouch! But then you think that there is a child who is being hurt and even after the guy has served his term he has to be chemically castrated," Chito weighed in.

Maybe this is something we need to do in the 254 and get this over with."

Chito went on to disclose that statistics show, 98% of the sex offenders have end up doing it again in future.

What do you guys think, should we adopt it?

Solomon, was the first listener to call in and was in support of the idea;

I think it is a good idea, defilement cases have become rampant, it is important because when they go back to the society they will become reformed." He said.

John from Busia had reservations about it and thinks it will end up affecting those who have been wrongfully accused.

"Unaeza kuwa uko suspected then uende ufanyiwe castration na kumbe uko innocent," John said.