Harmonize released a song, 'Ushamba' a few days ago and it has been trending at number one for the last two days

In the jam, he is basically calling out various behaviors people project saying they are old-fashioned and they should just be stopped.

But the most talked-about lyrics in this song is when he throws shade at his former boss and brother Diamond Platnumz. He talks about how the singer has been bedding women and spreading the news on social media.

"Malegend wamerudisha vita, wanahofia ati jeshi anawapita… (legends want a fight with me, they fear I’m surpassing them.) Halina meno hilo simba zee, likila demu lazima litangaze, huo tunaita ushamba. (That simba -Diamond Platnumz- is old and toothless. He sleeps with women and announces to people.)" Harmonize said

Of course, it caught the attention of everyone especially because he used a Diamond lookalike to emphasize that point.

It caused havoc all over social media and blogs and he was forced to explain himself. He took to social media saying,

"Don’t take it personal. Nothing but entertainment na naijua kweli. Raha ya utani ufanane na ukweli kidogo!!! Lets go street anthem. Ushamba."

Really Harmonize, you expect him not to take this personally? Especially now that Zari is in Tanzania in what looks like they are making up? 

Diamond is yet to share his sentiments on all this but now he is too busy enjoying his time with Tiffah and Nilan and of course, Zari The Bosslady.