Leave me alone! That was Mejja's message to one Kevin Anyango who allegedly claimed that the artist had charged him for an interview on his podcast.

The guy alleged that Mejja is an arrogant, an extortionist and an opportunist.

As expected, this angered the 'Utawezana' hit maker and he opted to blast the guy on his IG.


Threatening to go to the authorities, Mejja who reminded his fans that he doesn't have a Facebook, Snapchat or a TikTok account, wrote;

"Hii Ni UJinga GaNi TeNa, Whoever Is Doing This Should Stop And Apologize Failure To Which I Will Go To The Authorities, I Don't Know This Person Or The Money Said, Na Pliiiiiiiiz Wagenge I Am Only On IG SiNa Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok So Any Number u Get From This Socia Media Accounts NI FAKE!!!! Mniwache NiKule Mimea Na Amani, I Do Collabos For Free Ni Interview Ntaenda Ku itisha Pesa Seriously Stop Clout Chasing With Peoples Careers ."

Mejja even threatened to quit music for a while till all the drama wears down , just because he loves his own peace.

Hii Imezidi Ntawacha KuToa Ngoma KuTuLie Juu Vile Naona NaPenda Peace Yangu Manze Shukran GODBLESS."