Chantelle Petite has been through it all. From physical to emotional pain but she managed to get through it all.

From her daughter having complications right after birth to her getting complications related to childbirth.

Later, her baby daddy, Ephy Saint giving her so much drama and leaving her.

All this made her question God. Why did he let her go through all that? She read a note on her phone when she wrote an angry letter to God when she was going through so much.

"So I’m clearing my phone and I came across this prayer I wrote in June 2019. I read it and felt so sad. I don’t remember what was happening on this day for me to write this letter to God. Must’ve either been me suffering from pain (in my ass literally) or watching my daughter in pain. Usually when what I’m feeling is too much to comprehend I write letters to God then read them out loud for him to listen. I feel like he listened to this one because I seem to have forgotten the pain I was going through when I wrote this. Point is, talk to God." 

The letter by Chantelle read,


"Dear God, I come before you this evening with a heavy heart. I feel very sad and overwhelmed and incapable of praying or loving. Today I've thought very many bad thoughts. Thoughts that many would find sad. I ask that you forgive me for thinking of them. God, this year has been tough on me God. My heart and soul are beyond tired. I feel like you've been harsh on me Lord. I've endured enough. Please make the pain go away because I can't take it anymore."

Adding that,

"I just want to be happy with my baby. I've tried hard to accept that you didn't give me the family I wanted. It has been my greatest challenge. I however have been unable to accept the way my delivery went. God, did I really deserve what happened? All the pain, crying and expenses? Wasn't it enough that I had cried so much during my pregnancy? Why is it that you're testing me so much, God? I've reached the end and I'm struggling emotionally and mentally. I just want to be happy with my baby God. Please end all this chaos for the sake of my sanity. Please God have mercy on me for the sake of my child. Please."

Now she is way better and her daughter Summer is all grown up and enjoying life. Chantelle is happy that she got through it all.