A year or so ago, Kenyans took to social media to pity comedian Njugush against his colleague DJ Shiti, on who is the best.

Kenyans went harm almost creating a division between fans of the two creatives. 

They are at it again with many now pitting comedians Flaqo and Crazy Kennar.

The two online content creatives have re-invented comedy in Kenya and have been a force to reckon, inspiring a whole new generation of up coming comedians.

Kenyans all of a sudden have started to take sides, with everyone giving their view on who is the current king of comedy.

One Twitter user was all up on Flaqo's case claiming that Kennar is better than him giving all sorts of explanations.

Seeing the funny side of it, Flaqo laughed off the claims and reminded the user that he is in no competition with anyone.

Flaqo acknowledged that Kennar and the likes of Cartoon comedian are talented and that he does not care who is crowned king of comedy.

"I don't care who is what, art is a platform to express yourself, entertain, break ribs and teach at the same time, it's not a game of thrones." Wrote Flaqo. 

Check out the screenshot below;