Chito Ndhlovu
Image: Instagram

On Friday morning, Chito  revealed that his ex once dreamt that he was cheating and when she woke up, she confronted him about it.

This sparked the conversation about how people know or start having ideas or conviction that their partners are cheating.

According to Shiro, when she asks to see something on her man's phone and he chooses to send it to her via Whatsapp, she automatically knows that something is off and her man is cheating.

"I know he is cheating if he doesn’t answer my phone on weekends. On Monday he will come with all sorts of excuses saying ooh sijui he was working," Reginah weighed in.

Even if he is working he should answer the phone and ask me to go to the office and work with him." she added

Pamela ffrom Mombasa believes she 'would know because it all depends on how you guys met and if it changes when we are in a relationship I will know he is cheating.'

However, the funniest reaction was from Chris who says that if his woman starts coming home with meat he will automatically sense she is seeing someone else because it is a sign of her being guilty.