This morning, Chito was shaking all those fake friendship kabatis and was not leaving any stone unturned.

"The challenge we have is we do not know how to distinguish a real and a fake friend." Chito said.

He added,

Think about it, even if you ever lost someone special to you, I think there are some friends who came through and spoke to you and even sent you chums and there are those who disappeared and reappeared after two months later with serious stories."

His sentiments got Kenyans talking with a number of Kiss FM listeners sharing their stories on their experiences with their former friends.

Josephine on fake frends: sinanga madem heri maboys madem hawawezi kusaidia, nilikuwa employed na hakuna mtu alinisaidia

This fake friendship thing puts people off from assisting those in dire need because you are just scared of being disappointed." Jaymo shared.

Chito wacha nikuambie, unafikiria una beste unamshika kabisa hadi mwsho thinking una mtu lakini wapi?" said Mary.

But Warui chose to view this in a totally different way.

There are people who you share common interest with, nime go through a lot of heartbreaks on friends because you thought someone is you friend. He said.


The biggest problem is cash and in friends are categorized from first class  to economy class."