Jalang'o graduation
Jalang'o graduation

Today Friday the 13th, our very own Jalang'o finally gets to graduate at Daystar University.

Jalang'o has been in celebratory mood since he confirmed he was on the graduation list, few weeks ago.

A few days ago, Jalang'o revealed that to celebrate this special achievement he was ready to host a concert instead of a normal party.

Why hold a party when you can have a concert? Jalang'o said on bonga na Jalas.

He was speaking to fellow comedian, Henry Desagu who had offered to MC his event should he give him some good chums.

Desagu if I can count for you the losses. Kuna time I posted and guys asked eti when did I go to school." He added.

Today Jalang'o decided to dedicate his degree and this special moment to his late dad.

In previous interviews, Jalang'o revealed that his dad died the very same day he got his first gig at Kiss 100.

Jalang'o wrote;

With Pride I lift your name Jehovah! In your own time you did it! Today the 13th day of Nov. 2020 I graduate!The sacrifices, late nights and now we Win!

This is for you Dad I know you are smiling from heaven! Mum i told you i will do it! I will always make you proud! To Jaber herself Thank you My brothers and sister! Thank you! To my Dean Dr. Ongaro God bless you! To all my lecturers Thank you! To all my classmates Thank you! To the whole Daystar UNIVERSITY Community Thank you! To Team Jalas Thank you! It is never too late! Keep the Focus and dont loose it!!God above everything!!