Can we just let Joyce Maina be. Please?

She is out here living her nest life with her manz Tony Kwalanda and all some of you have to feed them is pure hate.

When the two went public after all the drama surrounding the man behind her in the famous mirror selfie, they have been getting a lot of hate. Tony posted a picture of them looking so cute a few weeks ago and captioned,

"I have a million and one things I can say about this PHOTO. Wait, not even a million and one, way-way more than that, by far! However, I choose to say, hii ni ‘Foto Moto’ 😉.4w"

Then one lady goes to the comment section and tells them,
"Mtaachana tu".

Tony who is very protective of his babe, Joyce told off the lady.

"hii roho chafu ya shetani si upeleke penye umetoa 🙏🏾" Tony responded

Joyce is sick and tired of all the hate. She is now calling them out referring to them as empty vessels.

"I’m yet to see a hater doing better than me.. I guess it’s true what they say, empty vessels make the most noise." She posted on social media.

To y'all feeding her page and her manz page with negative vibes, the message above is for you. Take note.