On Friday the 13th, Morning Kiss presenter Jalang'o finally got to graduate from Daystar University, with honors please.

Makofi kwake...

After turning of the tassel, he left the graduation auditorium and headed straight to a surprise party organized by his wife whom he calls Jaber. It was held at Golden Ice Bistro and all his close friends were present from Otoyo to Chris Kirwa to Alex Mwakideu and so many others.

Now that he is back on The Morning Kiss, he gave a speech on radio and he thanked himself.


"Baby you just do not graduate,  you graduate with honors. And they even put it on your seat, 'Deans Award'. Is bad smart. I want to thank myself for now for believing in myself and making myself go to school when everybody doubted me and for working hard myself. I did it for I."

As impossible as this day seemed to him back then, he is clearly super proud of his strides. Jalang'o dedicated his degree to his father in an earlier post saying,

"With Pride I lift your name Jehovah! In your own time you did it! Today the 13th day of Nov. 2020 I graduate! The sacrifices, late nights and now we Win! This is for you Dad I know you are smiling from heaven! Mum i told you i will do it! I will always make you proud! To Jaber herself Thank you My brothers and sister! Thank you! To my Dean Dr. Ongaro God bless you! To all my lecturers Thank you! To all my classmates Thank you! To the whole Daystar UNIVERSITY Community Thank you! To Team Jalas Thank you! It is never too late! Keep the Focus and don't loose it!!God above everything!!"

From his Kiss100 family, we want to congratulate Jalas for this milestone. To many more.