Someone once said that Nairobi relationships are per person sharing. Yaani your lover is yours when they are with you.

The two were discussing how many people get the shock of their lives when they bump into their lovers in the company of their official lovers.

But how would Jalang'o react when he is faced with this scenario?

"There is one way to behave, leaving is one but ukitoka they will know there is something suspicious. Me hucheka! You choose to laugh it off. Also you may decide to get crazy drunk and act like nothing is happening." Shared Jalang'o.

Kamene narrated how she found herself in that situation a while back and how she had to cut short her night out after bumping into her mans with his chic.

I remember I was In my early 20’s that's when career ilikuwa ina make sense, 1824 was the joint back then. So nimemaliza news I head back to the house to drop my stuff and check into 1824 kutingika.

Kuingia, on the right mandem, on the left galdem. Nikawasalimia haraka nikarush hadi bathroom, nika sweat kidogo nikarudi nika fake hormones and baas gone! didn’t want aibu ya peni mbili." Kamene shared."

Watch the video below;