Polycarp Otieno
Polycarp Otieno

This past weekend, Sauti Sol's Polycarp Otieno had an amazing and blessed time.

The talented guitarist celebrated his birthday on Saturday before marking two years in marriage with his beautiful wife, Lady Mandy on Sunday.

Celebrating his milestones, Polycarp reminisced how at this time last year he had a strong feeling of how amazing 2020 would be, before things went south, courtesy of Corona.

"This same time last year I had the strongest feeling in my gut that 2020 was going to be my best year yet! Then Pandemic happened, and the twist made it even better than I expected! So many blessings that I can’t take for granted. So much love." Wrote Polycarp.

The father of one is now back, feeling fresh and rejuvenated and with an amazing plan to work on his health.

He says he is planning on going for a 5-day water and juice feast! According to him, he is taking a break from solid food and focus more on fluids just to clean up his body.

That said, as a gift to my BODY, I am going to do a 5 day water and juice FEAST. More like a solid food vacation πŸ˜ƒ To clean up house. Give my gut a well deserved rest.

More like how you would service that car that you love so much. Your body is the temple of your inner spirit. Treat it with absolute love and care. It’s all you got. Have done a fast before? Would you consider it?? #bewell #bewellke #fasting #wellness

Well that definitely gave me an idea on a challenge I should tackle and see how the first 2 hours go! 

We will keep you posted on how Polycarp's fasting will go.