Weh, Tiffah had really missed having her father around. They (Tiffah, Nilan and Zari)spent the whole of last week with Diamond in Tanzania.

They flew back to South Africa yesterday and in the middle of the night, Tiffah woke her mother up sobbing because her father hadn't reached out to them.

She was expecting a call from him and he failed. It brought her to premium tears and her mother recorded it to send to the Dangote's.

Mama Dangote, Diamond's mother shared the video captioning it with crying emojis. If you watch that video, you will also sympathize with the little girl. And no, it is not kiki, the baby girl wept.



Zari was categorical that she wanted to build her co-parenting relationship with Diamond for the kids and it clearly has worked. But now Tiffah is feeling a void in her life.

In the video, you can hear Zari promising her that she will be with Papa soon so let's wait and see how this will pan out. Watch the video below: