On the morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas talked to Dr. Brian Mwendwa, popularly known as Doctor Reign.

This is after the 'Hiphop doctor' posted a now viral video of him speaking of how doctors, nurses and everyone working on hospitals are now fearing for their lives, due to how they are being neglected by the government.

Speaking to the breakfast hosts, Doctor Mwendwa said he was just 'echoing what every medical worker and every hospital staff is saying.

"Yesterday’s message was just me expressing the truth what we doctors sat down on our Whatsapp and agreed that we are on our own and the likelihood one of us gets Corona and we require specialized treatment, we are on our own." Said Mwendwa.

He said that it is a reality that doctors and Kenyans are facing given that NHIF doesn’t cover covid-19.

The situation is dire because we put doctors on this category and nurses in that category yet we all work in the same place, PPEs are not provided equally, PPE’s are very substandard stuff.

Mwendwa revealed that the doctors have been receiving substandard PPEs even way before the KEMSA scandal.

Even after many doctors sent out videos of them exposing the type of masks and PPE's they were receiving from the government, nothing has changed.

Reacting to the sad state of affairs the doctors are facing on the ground, Jalang'o believes that doctors will now be extra careful on how they handle patients.

Angered by Mwendwa's sentiments Kamene still can't understand why the BBI report is what the government is focused on.

We are understaffed we are exposed and you guys don’t care, their salaries haven’t yet been paid.

You are telling us we are going to get 100 billion for what what in the middle of a pandemic yet we are not equipping our front line soldiers. How are we allowing this to happen?" She asked.