Kate actress
Kate actress
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Clearly it is honeymoon season, with many celebrities both local and international, celebrating their wedding anniversaries this month.

Today, celebrated actress, Kate Actress and her hubby, Phil Karanja are marking their third wedding anniversary.

The two former Tahidi High actors, walked down the isle on November 17th, 2017 in a colorful wedding at the Windsor hotel.

The anniversary comes just months since the two welcomed their first child together, early this year.

To celebrate this day, Kate praised Phil as her ride or die.

"He has never been the innocent one guys , remember he is an actor 😩... Ni mchokozi kapsaa. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my ride or die , my personal person , my business partner, yaani my mutuz, doing life with you has been nothing but amazing . I love you baba k squared ❤️." Wrote Kate.

Kate went on to share photos of the two in Seychelles for their honeymoon.

The mother of two revealed that they were shocked to learn how expensive the Island nation was when they landed there.

She advised lovers to spend less in their weddings and use the money to travel the world with their loved ones.

Kate wrote;

'Msituone hapa tulikiwa tumesota mbaya after wedding, we went to seychelles for our honeymoon we had no idea how expensive the island was ,weeh nways we survived. Word of advice, spend less impressing guys kwa wedding and travel the world with your manz for your honeymoon.Happy anniversary mr money manager , 😂😂 we still had fun."