Kamene and Jalas are today on The Morning Kiss raising awareness on alcohol.

They have shared their most hilarious experiences when intoxicated but they are clear that in as much as they are laughing, people need to know there is a limit.

Speaking on KissFM, Jalang'o sent out a warning saying,

"Do not drink excessively please. There is a point when you know umefika mwisho, just leave it."

Then he asked Kamene when she knows it is time to stop drinking,

"When I started feeling warm I know that it is time to stop. And if I notice you're the kind of person who will make me stay, I will lie I am going to the bathroom and leave you there." Kamene said

Laughing, he recounted the number of times she has done that to him and then he revealed how he knows his limit.

"You have done that to me a couple of times. For me when I start zoobing at one point, I know it's time for me to stop and go home. It is all about kujijua."

Kamene was in total agreement.

"Wawawa! That is so true. You will start seeing Jalas amenyamaza, he is not looking at his phone, he is just zoobing, and he will go home."

Jalas then sent another caution and said,

"Yeah, that is my sign. I hope in a taxi and go home. Also do not drink and drive. The stories out here of people in wheelchairs because of drinking and driving you'll be sad. Just take a taxi. Because after you're intoxicated, you have impaired vision and you do not know what will comes next"

Kamene conquered and added a tip saying,

"Hata those who say I do not want to leave my car, these apps have the option of them driving you."