Patricia Kihoro may seem all calm but she has been through a lot.

Through the years, she has made us laugh out loud via her online content and of course through the live show titled 'Because You Said So'. 

In all this, she has seen so many disappointments and wins too and so she admires the girl she was before. A confident girl, a fearless and unapologetic girl.   

"This picture was taken back in 2009 by the genius, @jimchuchu for a campaign. I think about this Patricia a lot. I was so fearless and unapologetic and so sure of my place in this world.

11 years later and so much has changed. So many hurts, disappointments, failures, hard truths, traumas and painful statements and actions have changed how I see myself. There have been lot’s of wins too, no doubt, but there’s a heaviness that settled inside me that seems almost like an organ. Permanent."

In as much as there were down, Patricia does not regret anything.

"I don’t regret for a minute everything it’s taken me to get here, but I do think about this chic often. She was just! 🔥" She added

In the 11 years, she has also left the music scene, the place where we first met her. She confessed a few weeks ago that it was all because of a certain producer whom she claimed sexually assaulted her and many other female producers. Read the story below: