Ciiku wa soxxy
Ciiku wa soxxy
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DJ Soxxy's wife Anne Wanjiku alias Ciiku wa Soxxy, lost her loving mom in September this year, leaving her broken.

In her post, she reminisced the time her family took her darling mom to Cape Town, South Africa to celebrate her 67th birthday.

She revealed that they had planned to take her to Bangkok for her big 70 but God had other plans.


She wrote;

"Whisked mum to Cape Town to celebrate her 67th birthday, we had a blast and just for her to see another world out there.

For her 70th we had planned to do Bangkok.. But Corona snatched that opportunity from us."

Almost two months later, the wound in her heart is still fresh but she is grateful for the moments she shared with her mom.

Sharing a photo of herself being sandwiched by her loving parents during her wedding day, Ciiku wrote;

Some days, I think, 'I'm really handling this' and other days you being gone hits me harder than anyone could ever imagine.I thank God for the time I had with them but I wish God kept them a little bit longer.

Her friends and followers flooded her comment section to offer her love and support;

Gladys Gachanja: Hugs hun

Prima: God will strengthen you

Xander: God will be there through it all 

Purity Mongina: Take heart

Ciru: Peace be unto you