Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas
Image: Instagram

Despite the cold weather, the Kiss FM studio was lit this morning thanks to a heated debate between Kamene and Jalas.

The conversation was about whether men should move into their girlfriend's houses.

Kamene thinks if she has a bigger house, a well equipped kitchen, has nice seats and maybe a washing machine, then the man ought to move in to her place.

However, Jalas says he would rather carry all those nice stuff and look for a new place where the two of them can live together.

He insisted that It is not acceptable for a man to leave his house and go live at a woman’s house.


I want to ask why? what is the issue? Kamene asked.

Jalang'o did not hesitate;

"From the word go, a woman should leave his parents home and goes to live with a man, it is even in the bible. A man is the head of the house, he is the provider."

The moment you move into a woman’s house you end up losing that title because a roof has been provided over your head, also aibu if you guys disagree, you will be chased like a stray dog!." He said.


He went on to argue that you may be good in everything but when you move into a lady’s house you lose your manhood.

In fact, Jalas says no man is even allowed to sleep in a woman’s house till morning.

Kiss fans also weighed in on the conversation and many sided with Jalas.

Anthoh believes, 'the problem is the women not their houses.'

Mutinda said that if worse comes to worst, you would rather go back to your mom's house instead of moving in a woman's house.

However, Mr. Nakuru fixer says 'there is no problem hata nimeamkia huko nikienda job!'