This is the alcohol awareness week and Kamene and Jalang'o decided to have some fun with it and share their hilarious alcohol experiences.

Kamene, narrated how one day after having some good Sunday drink up, her and her friends decided let us go to Mombasa!

"Tumeenda tumechill at Kengeles, tumeenda I have downed 2.5 bottles of wine and tumeongea na wasee tumesema twende Mombasa!' Kamene said.


Sahizo tumelipwa pesa imejaa kwa mfuko and that is 9:30pm. Sahizo nimeanza kubonga na watchman niwache gari hapo. So the guys were already in the car and I told them 'guys it is not a must.' Let us get back to the club."

Jalang'o's experience is based on their friend back then, who decided to end her alcohol curiosity on new year's eve.

There is a day on new year's eve, back then, I’m single and my best friend at that time is Otoyo and he came with friends. Jalang'o narrated.

There is this chic who had never drunk before and decided to have a drink. The lady had one too many she didn’t even wake up on 1st but the 2nd of January.

Jalang'o says the lady woke up after him and his friends had poured water on her, put her on drip and even thought she was dead.

So guys drink responsibly, and if you are drinking be in control don’t let alcohol control you.' Jalang'o advised.