Remember the famous King Bae in Zari's life? We only got to see snippetss of his strong arms and legs. 

Before we as social media in-laws could dig deeper to confirm who he was, he was gone. In as much people had tried so much to investigate this man, they just never found him.

Now he is really not a person of interest anymore. We are focused on the Zari and Diamond reunion.

The fact that people never got to find the famous King Bae had them saying he is fake. Apparently, he was nonexistent and that he was just a façade to make Diamond jealous.  This was the exact time he was with Tanasha Donna.




Speaking to Wasafi Tv on her way to the airport as they left Tanzania for South Africa, she spoke on her relationship with the mysterious King Bae.

First of all, he was real.

"Yes, he was there. he was such a chilled guy. It did not last, and everyone went their own way, we still talk once in a while, briefly, ‘how are you? how are the kids?’ because he was still attached to our lives.”

Zari and King bae
Zari and King bae
Image: Instagram

Asked what happened, what caused the split Zari opened up saying,

“There are things that happened that, I could see that. I’m not…I don’t know. With love, stuff happens or let me say sh*t happens.”

From an interview in the past with Millard Ayo, she mentioned she was married to King Bae in a lowkey event on the 18th of July 2019.

And because now she has been married three times and things have not worked out, she told Wasafi Tv that she does not think she will ever get married again. Now she just wants a life partner but not a husband.