Wahu and Nameless are such cool parents and we can see it all over their social media platforms.

Wahu and their firstborn daughter, Tumi, have that sister-friend relationship more than their mother-daughter relationship.

Taking to social media, she posted a picture of Tumi looking all grown and sexy just blessing God for her daughter.

"The Name Tumiso means Praise God. I continue to give thanks and praise to God for you @tumi.mathenge ðŸ¤—May you fulfill your purpose on this earth 🌎. And may favor, blessings, happiness, peace & joy be yours now and always."

So cute right?

Tumiso really is a blessing the last time Wahu posted her she was clear to those men coming for her daughter telling them her daughter is a Muay Thai boxing expert. Boychild, do what you want with the information below,

"@tumi.mathenge does Muay Thai boxing and will soon be enrolling for archery 😌. I'm just randomly throwing that out there with no intention of scaring boys... I don't do that...I'm not that mother... 🥰😘. Athawais have a lovely day!! 😜🤭😇"