Diamond Platnumz is probably going to sleep in his shoes. 

He has been doing so much when it comes to his career and business life. We all know manz does not sleep, he is always on the grind to push his music worldwide. 

During this coronavirus period, he managed to work with the renowned artiste, Alicia Keys. Now the song, Wasted Energy, had so many people talking majorly because Mr. Platnumz appeared on that song for seconds making sounds and not really lyrics. Tanzanian's felt cheated.

In as much as there was some drama there, Alicia Keys is very grateful to him for bringing a unique style. In a small clip from an interview she did on her album. She said,


"I love that Diamond is part of this, an amazing Tanzanian artiste who happened to just come in and bless this track with his unique style. I love how the worlds collide here. It is like world collation at its finest."

Diamond could not keep calm -I wouldn't too- he had to share the video and appreciate her with an amazing caption.

"This means a lot to me Queen🙏🏼....Working with you was a dream come true... and I can't wait for the world to hear what we still have in the store... #WestedEnergy track no.4 on #ALICIA the Album @aliciakeys Stream , share, download....🔥⛽🚬"

With these words of affirmation to Platnumz, there might just be another song coming up.