Sema kimeumana! 

Kamene Goro was this morning in a mood to shake those kabatis when she revealed that most Kenyan relationships are purely sustained on lies.

Menje believes that were it not for some lies, especially men, then most of them would be single right now.

"There are a lot of relationships out here that are sustained purely on lies. For a man to be with you has to lie.” Said Kamene.

Kwanza the one lie that every woman has heard is 'gari iko garage.' " She added.

To prove her point, Kamene went on to narrate a story about her former friend who was lied to for days.

"My former best friend every time she meets a guy she invites me, we vet him. Then I used to live at Marcus Garvey and one morning my friend pulls up at my door, asking for wine at 6am." Narrated Kamene.


"She says she met this guy at Hurlingham alikuwa anakula and he had a nice car and looked like her type.

So when they exchanged numbers, galdem akaingizwa box and the guy was taking her on dates daily but the problem is the guy was pulling up with a different car everyday."

Kamene says one day the two went on a date and had drinks, when she got into the car she blacked out and when she woke up on a mattress on the floor, in an iron sheet house.

"She was like "How do you drive a range rover and live in Kayole?" That was when he said he is a mechanic."

Guys what is the biggest lie that you have ever been told in your relationship?

Share with us and let us have a good old laugh about it.