Jalang'o shared a story about how a Nairobi man was left distraught after finding out he was raising another man's son.

“So there is this guy who was called by a friend and informed him that someone else on Facebook has put his son's photo as his profile picture." Narrated Jalas.


So he DM-ed him and told him 'I am concerned that you have posted a photo of my son on your page.' He said this is my son and ended up sending him more proof.

Upon confronting his wife, she blocked him and when he tried calling her she blocked him again! When he went to the wife’s workplace, she had told the guards to not allow him in since he is harassing her."

Kumbe this guy was raising the same boy all this while because the guy was not in the country, leaving him heartbroken.

Asking why women do these stuff to honest men, Jalang'o was shocked by the revelations he got from women who had been on the receiving end.

A lady from Nairobi called in and her story was sad to say the least.

"So recently during the whole covid-19 thing I have been talking to this guy and since ameokaka and all he looked like kijana mzuri sana.

So things went well and he asked me to be his girlfriend. So I asked what happened to the previous girl and after explaining, I thoughthe was the perfect guy." She said.

She added,

Tukapendana and he was even close to introducing me to his mom, then I came to find out he has a baby mama! If that is not all, he was courting another chic and he is still together with the girlfriend.

Now, when I confronted him akajam!

Another lady narrated how her man then used to shower her with all sorts of gifts but had lied about his occupation.

"He was driving around a good car but kumbe my guy is governor Oparanya's driver!" Said the disappointed lady.

*Insert DJ Shiti's voice* Nairobi! Nairobi!